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Welcome to BCS 欢迎

Welcome to the website of the Bradford Chinese School (BCS).


2016 September Class Registration is Now Closed! We are completely full, Thank you for your interest.

You can still register your child, but we will put them on our waiting list for next year.


 2016 年九月新生注册现在停止, 我们的2016年班已经满员。谢谢大家。



Bradford Chinese school Chinese New Year Celebration 2016

Bradford Chinese School was established in 2011, a charitable school aims to educate children between 5 and 15, who are interested in learning the Chinese language and in developing an understanding and appreciation of the Chinese culture.  The school now has eight classes and one adult class, providing an excellent and systematic education to more than 100 pupils. The school also provides art classes, teaching traditional Chinese brush painting by a professional art teacher.

Teaching quality is our first priority. We have small classes, excellent and hard working teachers. We work and communicate closely with parents. Using innovative and interesting homework, we overcome the limitation of a weekend school. Our curriculum is challenging and fun: children learn in a multiway and multimedia teaching system. As a result, our children are motivated and enthusiastic.

The school is based in Bradford Grammar School, in a beautiful and first class school environment.

Mandarin Class time: Saturday, 13:00 – 15:00

We welcome pupils from all parts of community. Please contact the school to arrange a visit. New pupils (between 5-8 years old) admit in September. Other age pupils who have learned Chinese before can be assessed and moved into appropriate classes at any time of the year.


百福中文学堂成立于2011年,是一所致力于推进中文教育和推广中华文化的公益学校。两年来,在老师,家长和董事会的辛勤努力下,学校现有了八个班和一个成人班,为100多个学子提供系统学习普通话和中国传统文化的优良环境。 另外学校有美术班,由专业的美术老师教授中国传统的国画。

百福注重教学质量。学校实行小班教育,聘用优秀的老师;紧密与家长配合,利用有效而有趣的家庭作业弥补周末教学的不足。我们的教学大纲新颖而丰富,学习方法多样化,多媒体化。 学生寓教于乐,学习积极性很高。

学校现在位于布莱福德文理学校(bradford grammar school). 环境优美,教学设备一流。

普通话班教学时间: 星期六, 13:00-15:00

学校面向全社会招生,欢迎来学校访问试听。新生 (五岁到八岁)九月份入学,插班生 (各个年龄段都可)经考核后可随时入学。

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